Christelle Mas (b. 1984) is a French artist living in Oulu who has made Finland her home. Her medium is photography mixed with drawings and installations. She has researched the medium of photography, experimented with the technology of science, and thus tested the limits of the medium itself playing with the concept of truth in the photographic image.


 She likes to reveal the invisible and highlights the relative nature of what is visible. She often creates en-captivating worlds in which science and mythology, natural and artificial are intertwined. Mas has a Master of Arts degree from the University of Sorbonne in Paris, where she also earned a BA the philosophy of art. She has displayed her work in several solo and joint exhibitions both in Finland and internationally. Works by Christelle Mas are included in the collections of Oulu Art Museum and Kemi Art Museum, and in private collections. Mas is a member of the Bioart Society in Finland.




« Art should look behind things rather than implying a relationship with reality”. Andreas Gursky



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