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Installation views

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Christelle Mas has been supported by:
Frame,  Contemporary Art Finland
City of Oulu, Finland
Finland Arts Promotion Centre, Finland 
Mehiläinen health services, Finland 
Biocenter Oulu, Finland 
The Paulo Foundation, Finland 
Optomed Aurora IQ fundus camera, Finland


Christelle Mas (b.1984 in Paris, France) is a photographer and mixed media artist currently residing in Oulu, Finland. Christelle Mas’s creative process involves a fusion of artistic and scientific methodologies, using soft materials, installations, videos and photography. She explores the human connection to technology and other species, often imagining future scenarios in which genetically modified species coexist with humans in an unfamiliar environment. Her work blurs the boundaries between science and mythology, as well as natural and artificial elements. Often her works take the shape of a hybrid beings, proposing potential future scenarios in which newly adapted species thrive in our ever-evolving and unknown environment. She frequently constructs captivating worlds where science and mythology, as well as the natural and artificial, are interwoven.

“Contrary to the prevailing narratives of catastrophe, such as concerns about genetic manipulation or species extinction due to climate change, I embrace utopia. According to many contemporary researchers, humanity itself has become an evolutionary force that shapes life on Earth. In a world yearning for a brighter future, my work sparks conversations about diversity and the transformative potential of technology, offering a glimpse into a more desirable and inclusive tomorrow. The future is rife with possibilities; technology is progressively shaping our existence and will fundamentally alter our understanding of the world.”

Mas has a Master of Arts degree from the University of Sorbonne in Paris, where she also earned a Bachelor Art degree in the philosophy of art. She has displayed her work in a numerous solo and group exhibitions both in Finland and internationally (Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Sweden, France, Germany, Estonia).). Works by Christelle Mas are included in the collections of Oulu Art Museum and Kemi Art Museum, and in private collections. Mas is a member of the Bioart Society, Huuto gallery of Helsinki and the Association of Photographic Artists in Finland.


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